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Model and Property Release

For mutually agreed consideration, receipt, and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, I grant Atosa Catering Equipment, Inc. permission to take photographs or videos of me, and further grant Atosa Catering Equipment, Inc. and its parent, subsidiaries, related entities, representatives and beneficiaries, including but not limited to, Smart Kitchen Service (collectively “Atosa”) the irrevocable and absolute right, license, privilege, and permission, to take and record (with or without sound) photographs, audio recordings, and video including without limitation my image, name, voice, likeness and/or other identifying attributes, characteristics and/or features of me (the “Materials”) for any use Atosa may deem proper.

I understand that the Materials may be used to promote Atosa and its services. Atosa may register any copyright in the Materials in its name. I have no ownership or other rights in any of the Materials and waive any right to approve Materials or their use. Nothing in this release constitutes any promise or obligation by Atosa to make any use of any of the Materials.

I agree that Atosa may use the Materials (a) in any medium now or hereafter known, and (b) worldwide on the Internet or any Internet-based content delivery platform, including without limitation at Atosa’s web sites currently located at and and for digital download, streaming, podcasting, or other Internet-based distribution at any Atosa Internet web site, social media page, web presence or similar means of delivery, or any third-party web site or content delivery platform.

I relinquish to Atosa all right, title, interest, and control I may have in the negative or original image or in copies or reproductions, in any media, whether printed or electronic, for all time and any use unless otherwise specified and agreed to in writing. I further grant Atosa the right to give, sell, transfer, exhibit, or alter the, Materials to any responsible individual, business, or publication or to any of their representatives.

The rights granted herein are in perpetuity and worldwide in any and all media, to the greatest extent permitted by law.

You may download a copy of this document by clicking here.